Concrete Editor Cheat Sheet

Before starting to edit, always focus the Concrete Editor by clicking it with the mouse!

In case you don't know how to go on at some point, enter edit mode (F2 or Ctrl-Space) and press an arrow key to bring up the auto completion dropdown list.

Moving Around

 ,  ,  ,  Move selection
 ,  +  Move selection in sequential order, select first child if available, stop editing when in edit mode


 +  ,  ,  ,  Extend selection (multi select)
 +  Select all


 +  Show hidden features (auto-hide features will hide again when selection leaves the element)
Insert new element/value after current element/value, stop editing when in edit mode
Delete selected element/value(s)
 ,  +  Edit selected element/value (enter edit mode). Alternatively, just start typing
Stop editing when in edit mode

Copy & Paste

 +  ,  ,  Cut/copy/past selection to/from clipboard


 +  ,  Collapse/expand element
 +  +  ,  Collapse/expand element and all child elements

Jumping References

 +  Select reference target (jump to reference target) if a reference is selected
 +  Jump back references in reverse order